XVIth International Workshop on
Quantum Systems in
Chemistry and Physics
Ishikawa gate of castle Ishikawa Prefecture
Museum of Art,
Kanazawa, Japan
September 11-17, 2011
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Ishikawa Prefecture Museum of Art   The XVIth International Workshop on Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics (QSCP-XVI) will be held at Ishikawa Prefecture Museum of Art (IPMA), Kanazawa, Japan. The predecessor to this museum (Ishikawa Prefecture Museum) was opened in October, 1959, as one of the oldest regional museums in Japan. In 1983, this new museum (IPMA) was built on the same location.
  This workshop, like the previous QSCP meetings, will bring together chemists and physicists interested in quantum systems in molecular, nano and material sciences. Quantum biochemists and biophysicists are welcome to participate. Emphasis will be on many-body methods, innovative theory, computational realization, and applications.

The Workshop will include sessions on:

  • Concepts and Methods in Quantum Chemistry (CMQC)
  • Molecular Structure, Dynamics, and Spectroscopy (MSDS)
  • Atoms and Molecules in Strong Electric and Magnetic Fields (AMSF)
  • Reactive Collisions and Chemical Reactions (RCCR)
  • Condensed Matter; Complexes and Clusters; Surfaces and Interfaces (CCSI)
  • Molecular and Nano-Materials in Electronics and Biology (MNEB)
  • Computational Chemistry, Physics and Biology (CCPB)
  The Proceedings of the Workshop are expected to be published in Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics (Springer): http://www.springer.com/. If you wish to attend you can register using the simple procedure shown on the Registration page. If you need help you may send an e-mail to: qscp16@wriron1.s.kanazawa-u.ac.jp, with a copy to: jemmaran@gmail.com.

  Each participant of QSCP-XVI is cordially invited to submit a contribution to the QSCP-XVI proceedings. Now the Proceedings Instruction is available, check here the link. The official deadline for submitting contributions is January 31, 2012. We expect the proceedings to appear before the Autumn of 2012.

  Overseas participants may like to combine their coming to the QSCP-XVI workshop in Kanazawa, Japan, with ISTCP-VII, organized by Pr Hiromi Nakai at Waseda University, Tokyo, between September 2 and 8, 2011, which will very conveniently take place just before the QSCP-XVI workshop.

  As during most QSCP workshops since Sofia (Bulgaria) and also at the ICTCP-IV Congress in Marly-le-Roi (France), there will be an AWARD CEREMONY for the Promising Scientist Prize of CMOA at the banquet dinner of QSCP-XVI. If you wish to APPLY or NOMINATE a young scientist please consult our web site: www.lcpmr.upmc.fr/prize.html, and send the application or nomination before July 16 to Prof. Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Chair of the QSCP-XVI workshop, with copies to Prof. Jean Maruani, President of CMOA, and to Prof. Erkki Brändas, Chair of the Selection Committee.

  QSQP-XVI will last for six days, from September 11 to 17, 2011.

Honorary Chair:Shigeyuki Aono (Funabashi, Japan)
Chair: Kiyoshi Nishikawa (Kanazawa, Japan)
Co-chair: Jean Maruani (Paris, France)
Coordinating Chair: Erkki Brändas (Uppsala, Sweden)
Honorary Committee
Rodney J. Bartlett (Gainesville, FL, USA)
Gerard Ferey (Versailles, France)
Kimihiko Hirao (Kobe, Japan)
Joshua Jortner (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Janos Ladik (Erlangen, Germany)
Roy McWeeny (Pisa, Italy)
Hiroshi Nakatsuji (Kyoto, Japan)
Josef Paldus (Waterloo, ON, Canada)
Michael A. Whitehead (Montreal, QC, Canada)
International Scientific Committee
Jean Maruani, Chair (Paris, France)
Vincenzo Aquilanti (Perugia, Italy)
Erkki Brändas (Uppsala, Sweden)
Gerardo Delgado-Barrio (Madrid, Spain)
Eugene Kryachko (Kiev, Ukraine)
Souad Lahmar (Carthage, Tunisia)
Aristides Mavridis (Athens, Greece)
Nimrod Moiseyev (Haifa, Israel)
Debashis Mukherjee (Calcutta, India)
Kiyoshi Nishikawa (Kanazawa, Japan)
Piotr Piecuch (Lansing, MI, USA)
Enrico Purisima (Montreal, QC, Canada)
Oleg Vasyutinskii (St Petersburg, Russia)
Yan Alexander Wang (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Angela Wilson (Denton, TX, USA)
Local Organizing Committee
Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Chair (Kanazawa University)
Hidemi Nagao, Co-chair (Kanazawa University)
Kazunaka Endo (Tokyo University of Science)
Junya Hasegawa (Kyoto University)
Tomonori Ida (Kanazawa University)
Tsuyoshi Kato (University of Tokyo)
Jun Kawai (Kyoto University)
Hirohiko Kono (Tohoku University)
Hiromi Nakai (Waseda University in Tokyo)
Masayoshi Nakano (Osaka University)
Tatsuki Oda (Kanazawa University)
Mitsutaka Okumura (Osaka University)
Hiroaki Saito (Kanazawa University)
Mineo Saito (Kanazawa University)
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